WARNING . . . The Peter Sun’s BBI System Was Not Created For Those People Who Only Want To Make An “Average” Profit or Income. This system was created for those individuals who want to achieve SPECTACULAR Financial success and aspire to becoming financially wealthy with a relatively short period of time through a BUSINESS. It is NOT suitable for people who want to be employees, students or dependent on someone else for their destiny. Use At Your Own Risk!!

“I went from being a broke, shy nerd who Failed University, Attempted Suicide and Lost Everything in my first business. . . To making more money than Top Doctors and Lawyers in the information and consulting business . . .

And now after 19 years and more than $38.5 million in sales and an amazing life I will mentor the last 30 men and/or women in Australia who want to have the wonderful lifestyle and financial rewards that this business can give and follow in my footsteps before I retire in the next 12 months . . .
Are you going to be one of them?


1980: Shy Nerd Who
Failed University

I was an only child, Mummy’s boy and a class nerd. I was lazy and failed my Commerce – Marketing Course at University in my first year. And, worst of all, I thought the only way I could ever make money and be successful was to win lotto or marry into a rich family!!


1989: After My suicide Attempt…

My Life: I had No energy. Was dead broke, depressed and 16 kilos heavier. I drove an old beat up old ‘bomb’ of a car Datsun 200B. And lived in a dingy, damp room with truly ugly wall paper. To be able to afford to pay the rent, I shared the house with 2 Japanese students.



Waterfront Dream Home

$1.7 million gives you Jet-ski, Two Jacuzzi spas, private ‘golf-course’ and a Hollywood style mansion complete with Grand Piano and 3 meter chandelier and boat jetty.

 My next dream home on the water
After having enough of living in the country . . . I bought this waterfront property worth over $1.7million. It was too small for my growing family . . .
 2004: And This Epic Property on 9 Acres
I lived, worked and ran the business from this 150 square epic size of hotel like proportion home in the hills overlooking the Gold Coast for 4 years. I bought the house below in 2007 and lived in both properties for about a year.

And Now ... Finally THIS
My current dream home:

This is the home I now live in with my 5 surfboards, 4 bikes, 5 children (on and off). Its about 150 metres from the beach. And has four levels, private elevator, swimming pool and spa, plus beautiful views from the top level all over the Gold Coast and the ocean.


My Bank Statement showing the deposit for the purchase of
the above property on the 8th May, 2007 (notice the balance)

Why am I showing you where I lived? And my bank account details. It’s not to boast, but rather to prove and show you that I am not some guy living in a basement garage, dreaming of using your money to get rich. I have already done it and have been doing it for the past 19 years or so!!! So . . .

If you are sick of making peanuts working for someone else. Want to be able to make money fast in your business. Or simply want to make a difference in the world. I have developed the systems and the training to get you there!!

Please let me introduce myself . . .
My name is Peter Sun. I have five beautiful Children (4 daughters, and a boy Hugo) and most of my business life I have worked from magnificent properties, high up on a mountain overlooking the Gold Coast or near the beach in sunny Queensland. I like to work from home, And …

In the 19 years I have been doing this, I learnt something very valuable . . . If you want to make money in business . . . it doesn’t matter what degrees you have. How old you are or what ethnic background you posses. It matters not if you are a man or a woman. Tall or short. Good looking or downright ugly. In business the only thing that matters is simply this . . .


Can you get a RESULT or not? Can you make money, get
customers and make a profit or can’t you?

But you know it’s not even about the money. You see, most people in business just want to make money so that they can go and sail that boat. Hang out with their kids. Travel first class. Drive a nice new car. Live in a dream home. Go surfing, fishing, play golf, save the whales or whatever.

That’s why I created a totally logical, proven and yet incredibly simple system for helping almost any business with a good product and a market for what they sell, to make dramatic increases in their sales and profits. As well as selling a range of unique business development products to small business owners . . . which enabled me and others I trained to go from broke to earning as much as $5,000 per hour working just 3 - 4 days a week.*

And . . . since 1995 I have AVERAGED
$1.4 million PER Year. Using the Internet, Direct Mail, Phone and One-on-one contact
and small workshops.


Despite the fact that I now often spend more time at the beach than at the office, my business is structured so that I can still make more money in a month than most people see in a year. Over the last 18 years I have achieved my “dream” of having a great lifestyle (and making a lot of money) by starting a business and working from home as a “Products Based” Marketing and Business Consultant and Profit Growth Specialist…

You may find my story hard to believe at first but please, put aside your reservations until you’ve heard what I have to say and read this message in full. It may just be the chance to change your life in a big, big way. I know it’s easy to make a lot of claims and say “I made this much” “And I did this or that” but if you just take the time to go through this information and what I have sent you, I promise I will prove to you that not only it is possible, but that it has been (and is being) done by many others right now as we speak. Look below for the proof from my business valuation statements...

2005 to 2007 Profit Statements. As you can see it's been pretty consistant all
the way each year. I only have 1 paid full time staff in my office.








You know sometimes I find it hard to believe myself. Here’s me, the guy who failed marketing at University because I wasn’t smart enough. The guy who once lost everything he owned through having a business. The guy who out of sheer desperation even turned to baking muffins and selling them at the markets for a living…

Finally making good by becoming a very respected and highly paid
business development consultant and information marketer.

Before I tell you exactly how I was able to do this, let me share with you some more of my personal story.

Like a lot of people at the time, I lost my shirt in the last recession. The 1990 recession that we ‘had to have’. I invested every cent I had, and four and a half years of my life, into building up a spa manufacturing business in Sydney. I worked up to 16 hours a day, six and seven days a week. I employed more and more people as the business grew, however I expanded a little too optimistically.

When my sales fell by 50% at the peak of the recession, the finance company took just two weeks to lock me out of my factory and take everything I owned and everything I had worked for in the past 5 years. I lost my two investment properties, my car, my credit cards, all my savings and what was left of my pride. I also learnt a valuable lesson . . .

Hard Work Alone Will Not Make You Rich –
You Need To Have The Right Business Vehicle
AND The Right Strategy!!

Let me explain. You see, it does not matter how good a jockey you are if all you are riding is a donkey. You will never win the Melbourne Cup doing that. You can flog that poor creature till its bleeding to death. But, its still going to run like a donkey. And Donkeys just can’t run all that fast. You must be riding a good horse to start with. (The vehicle) And likewise if you want to see the sunrise, but you are facing west . . . you can run as hard as you like, as long as you like, but you will NEVER see the sun rise. (The Strategy)

That’s what most people in business do. They either have the wrong vehicle OR they don’t have the right strategy. Believe me, it’s no fun being out of business and penniless at 32 years of age. (It’s probably no fun being broke at any age!) Luckily, my wife and family stood by me at this time and encouraged me to start again.

Don’t ask me what possessed me to do it, but I got this idea to start a muffin business. What a hard business that was! I baked all night and then spent most of the day running all over the Gold Coast in a silly looking white cap, a green apron and a big basket of muffins. Walking into offices with a big smile I would announce, “Hi, I’m the muffin man! Would anyone like to try my delicious blueberry muffins? There are 46 blueberries in each one!” I got sick of getting abused by guys in suits very quickly I assure you. And when one called me a low life scum-bag. I had enough.


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I came home that day and announced to my
then very pregnant that we were getting out of the muffin business and going into the marketing and business consulting business.

Being in no shape to argue (she probably didn’t like to be known as the wife of the muffin man anyway) she agreed.

It was when I had the muffin business that I read about a USA based marketing consultant called Jay Abraham. Apparently he was making $3,000 per HOUR in 1990. I figured that this was a pretty good hourly rate and decided to investigate what he did. I got hold of some of his ideas and started to apply them to my muffin business. And . . . within 9 months I took a simple muffin stall from taking $200 per day to $1,300 per day.

I only did a few things. One was to offer samples of my muffins to every person that walked by. I had a person in front of my stall with a tray of samples saying . . .

“Here try one of these, there are 46 Blueberries in every muffin” People would taste the muffins and say . . . “They are good. How much are they? I said $1.50 each. And they bought one. That took my takings to about $450 per day. Then in ONE day I doubled my sales. All I changed was when they said, “How much are they?” Instead of saying $1.50 each. I said “They are two for $3.” And 80% of people would buy 2 muffins at $3. The others just asked? “Can I just buy one?” and I would ‘make an exception’ and sell them one muffin.

Then I started to say, “They are two for $3 . . . but if you buy 5 you get one FREE” This got another 20% of people buying 5 muffins at a time. Now my takings were about $1,000 per day. The other $300 came from me setting up “agents” to sell my muffins at other market locations. I would give them a tray of muffins, signs with “2 for $3”, “Buy 5 get one FREE and samples plate. And would average another $60 profit from each agent per day.

After selling the muffin business I started to teach some of the strategies I learnt at my muffin stall to restaurants, coffees shops and other types of businesses. I quickly realised the four things business consultants and advisors need in order to be successful . . .

#1 They need to keep up a steady stream of new prospective clients to work with. (I developed 4 tested ways to do this)

#2 The credibility obstacle. Which is when clients ask…”Who are you and how do I know you can help me?” Or “How can you know more about my business than me?” (You’ll learn how easy it is to deal with these obstacles to success later on).

#3 An effective way to present what I was selling and get the order. The better the conversion from enquiries to sales the less you have to work and the more money and time you have. (I have a step-by-step system to get clients on board)

#4 The limitations on your time. You can only work so many hours in the day. As a regular consultant you can only ever get paid for the time you put in. The moment you stop working, your income stops as well. (Even though 99.9% of consultants work like this, I’ll show you how I get paid long after my work is done and how a good ‘industry specific’ system can leverage your time many times over.)

I thought I had all the answers. However, after training a number of consultants, what I soon realised that whilst I had a lot of good ideas, there was not ONE system to implementing them. I wanted something that would work the same for ALL businesses that anyone could just implement. Rather than having the consultants come up with ideas for each business themselves. I knew that there had to be a way and I was determined to find it…

Yes I want this life

To get more information on becomming a BBI Profit Growth Specialist

The breakthrough came when I decided to measure and monitor everything that I did for myself and my clients. Because in the past 18 years I have spent over $35 million dollars of my own and my clients money testing and monitoring strategies in the marketplace. Some worked, some did not. The difference between was . . . I knew EXACTLY what worked and what did not. I simply kept repeating the strategies that worked and threw out the ones that did not work.

The surprising thing I learnt, was that all businesses go through certain stages of development.

  • #1. The first one is developing a saleable product or having an idea. They need to spend money and time to get that right. (The vehicle)
  • #2. Next they need to find the right strategies for getting customers and keeping them coming back and referring others. (The Strategy)
  • #3. And, once they have figured that out, they then need the systems to train their staff to follow those systems. To make the business duplicatable and expandable!! (The System)

If you figure these Three out you will have another McDonalds,
Stefan’s Hairdressing or Microsoft on your hands.

Since I discovered this and started testing and monitoring all the work I did with clients, I have added hundreds of millions of dollars to my clients profits and sales. And I sold almost $28 Million dollars worth of my products, systems and strategies to business owners in 12 countries. And the best part is, I did this working from home 90% of the time! My business now turns over several million dollars every year and our distributors are trained and using the same system I used.

Having others follow what I did, gave me leverage and saved them years of trial and error and lots of wasted money doing things that simply do not work in the marketplace. No matter how attractive they seem in theory. And I . . . can now travel extensively, go surfing, walk on the beach nearly every day and take my son and daughter to school and on holidays when I
have them with me. And basically leverage the years of work I put into creating these strategies and live a rewarding and fun life.

The reason I can do this, is . . .

Because I have a duplicatable SYSTEM.

And because it is a system, not only have I enjoyed great success, but I have also had the pleasure of seeing many others create phenomenal incomes using and adapting my knowledge and skills.

People like Jason Murrell from Sydney who made over $60,000 in sales in the first 10 days
(at an approximate 80% gross profit margin).

Or people like…

John Jiann from Melbourne who made
over $600,000 in sales in his first year with my program and has now sold in excess of
$15 Million dollars worth of information products and seminars.

Or people like…

Blair Harding who took his business from $23,000 per month to $69,000.00 per month in less than 5 months using the BBI * Step Profit growth System.

On top of all that, I also have the pleasure of seeing customers who invested in my programs achieve incredible results in their businesses. One of my business customers took his business from $15,000 a week in sales to $83,000 a week in sales in less than 45 days. (I got paid over $43,000 from this deal for a total of about 3 days work). Another sold his business for $500,000 and semi-retired. And increases of 25% to 40% in 3 months are commonplace for my clients.

Fact is, when it comes to making sales, getting appointments and getting new customers, my methods are probably some of the best in the world. For example, when starting out over 10 years ago, I got an appointment with the head of a nine billion dollar Australian food company. (Woolworths.) As well as the CEO of a leading German car manufacturer (Audi) and a $200 million dollar real estate firm. I also met with the number one TV infomercial celebrity in the USA within 14 days of first contacting him. (He said he has 3 secretaries keeping people away from him) And…

I now count many extremely successful business owners
as my close friends and associates. And there are many more amongst the 10,128
customers who have now invested in my business programs and strategies.

So why am I telling you all this?

It’s certainly not because I want to boast or because I want to impress you. The reason I am telling you all this is simply because I want to make the point that if you focus on something, get the right instructions, knowledge and guidance and then put in the “hard yakka”, almost anyone with average intelligence can get outstanding results if they have the right vehicle. Maybe not exactly the same as I did, but how about 80% or 50% or even 25% of my results? Twenty five percent of $23,000 a week is still $5,750.00 a week (one of our associates recently made $21,500 in her first two weeks in this business).* Which is not a bad week’s earning when you’ve got almost no overheads and staff, is it?

So what really happened? Let me assure you, it was NOT due to luck. It was not because I was ‘in the right place at the right time’ or because I got some magic product everyone wanted to buy. No, it was 100% due to my commitment to mastering some sales, marketing and business methods and skills and developing a repeatable SYSTEM.

The same SYSTEM skills and methods I want to share with you.

Looking back, to my early days, it’s now obvious it was the four obstacles I mentioned before that seemed to be causing my struggle. (It was all trial and error, and learning by my mistakes in those days) But it was also at this time, that I stumbled across some great business and marketing ideas and products as well as making contact with a couple of very successful marketing consultants working in the US.

Because the way they were doing it seemed easy enough, I decided to test it and see if I could make it work in Australia. Here’s what I started to do that dramatically changed my financial destiny as a marketing and business consultant…

Firstly I started to write a marketing manual for small (and large) business owners. I decided to do this as a result of what I had learnt from my marketing consulting friends in the USA. (They told me publishing a manual was the best way to build credibility for the techniques, which I was using, and to get new prospective clients.)

Secondly I developed a number of easy to implement marketing ideas for generating all the new business enquiries I could comfortably handle. (These are the same techniques you’ll learn from BBI in this program.) And to convert those enquiries in to clients.

And thirdly, I started to perform what I called “Marketing Audits” as the first step for the great majority of new clients who approached me for help. It was this service that started to bring in the regular income and the on-going work I was after. I started out charging $275 for these “Audits” (which was essentially a one hour marketing advice session by me), however as my confidence and skills grew I steadily increased this fee all the way up to $3,000 way back in 1995. (By this time it took me 2 to 3 hours in total to prepare for and perform this service). The lessons I learnt from those early years is what is now helping so many others get results for themselves. Interestingly . . .

90% of these Marketing Audit consultations were done on the phone, without me ever having to leave my home, or see the client in person.

It took me about seven months (and plenty of 3am mornings) to finish my first manual. My wife said she hardly saw me during this time. But let me assure you it was worth its weight in gold when finished. As I soon found out, publishing a marketing manual did three things for my fledgling Profit Growth Consultancy Business…

#1   It gave our consulting techniques instant credibility. Clients no longer questioned the effectiveness of what I did. (This made it a lot easier when suggesting new ideas for them to implement).

#2   I got lots of consulting work from the business owners who purchased my manual (and later my other products). The fact is that even though videos and books show how to do it, many business owners are too busy to adapt the ideas to their business. They want you to help them. In business implementation is EVERYTHING. Ideas are dime a dozen!!

#3   I got an excellent source of passive income. The amount of work to send out a manual and a DVD is a lot less than doing consulting work. Product sales give your Profit Growth Consultancy great leverage. Many traditional consultants’ income would stop when they stoped consulting. With product sales you can have money coming in even when you are not working.

I started selling my manual by fax from home. As you can see from the attached graph the sales from that one product took my turnover to over $20,000 a month, and as you can see, our income grew steadily after that. Both from product sales and consulting and profit share work.

Once we added products to our consulting business, it all just grew and grew. The only slow down was the arrival of my baby daughter. Then, just before Christmas I decided to get serious about selling more products to my business clients. Surprise, surprise, that month we took $51,695 – of which over $30,000 was pure profit.

I also had one client paying me up to $3,000 a week for just a few hours work each week as part of a profit share I set up with him. He went from around $20,000 per week to as much as $80,000 a week. You’ll learn how to set up such consulting deals as well. Being Christmas and because we took 3 weeks holidays at this time, we only took $32,000 in December and $30,000 in January. (Remember I was working from my home with just my wife and no full time staff).

Then we made another $46,000 in sales in February the next year and, after ‘refining’ what we were doing a little, we hit the jackpot and turned over $88,000 in sales in March.

It now got to the stage that our bank manager wanted to know what we were doing. I am sure that if it wasn’t cheques we were depositing she would have thought we were selling drugs or doing something illegal. I guess I can’t blame her for being a little suspicious, after all…this all happened within the space of less than thirty-six months.

The turnover from our consulting systems, profit share and product sales peaked out to an average of over $100,000 per month!

This has continued for years and had allowed me to go through 2 divorces, and a business partnership break-up in the past 6 years, give away most of my assets each time and still live a comfortable life after I make it all back again . . . usually within 3 years. I also have other people around me (like a nanny, cleaner and gardener.) that makes my life a LOT easier and allows me to focus on my passions. Which is staying healthy, enjoying my children and having fun.

You know . . . I now work less than 3 days a week. I have a fantastic business that allows me to have plenty of time to spend with my family. (This is very important to me). I often travel to Europe, Canada and the USA (for new ideas) and I have been all over Australia and New Zealand. During one of these trips I was paid $12,000 (plus all expenses) by DRAKE Personnel to teach their sales people our Direct Response Strategies. (Plus they bought over 150 of our books for their sales staff and consultants).

And the best part is that . . .


Our best 3 distributors have each made over $580,000
in their first year in this business following in my footsteps.

Over the years, I have been on lots of other trips and experiences.

The business had allowed me to buy good quality cars, to move into that 140+ square home on 11 acres overlooking the Gold Coast. Complete with 6 rooms for offices, full size billiard table, a spa, sauna, pool, fruit orchard . . . and a tennis court. It has also enabled me to take my family on holidays – all while working less than I have at anytime before.

I now have the time to surf and walk along the beach in the mornings, to keep fit, (staying healthy is a big priority for me) eat well and enjoy everything this sunny part of Queensland has to offer…and, if you follow “the recipe for success” as a “Products and profit share” business consultant and information marketer you may do the same.

But that’s not all. The thing I value most about being in this business is that it has given me the opportunity to contribute to others. To make a difference in the world. To touch those whose lives are not as fortunate as mine. And this business gives me the time and resources to make this a reality . . .

At present, I contribute to kids in World Vision, and I fully supported an orphanage with over 25 children for two years, volunteered to help build a local School and have several other charities that I actively support and promote.
I have also authored a book and a DVD called “47 Ways To Put A Smile On Your Face.” It inspires others to live a more happy, peaceful and compassionate life.

Look, I know your dreams for the future may be different to mine, however no matter what your dreams are, no matter what the purpose of your life is, this business could allow you to turn them into reality.

What I hope, is that once taught the skills of being able to generate leads and get new customers for yourself and for your clients, anybody with average intelligence who implements the information can do what I am doing. There are over 2.1 million businesses in Australia. Many more home-based part time businesses are not counted.

Given the shocking statistics that over 75% of new businesses will be
out of business within 3-5 years, the potential for our 8 Step Profit Growth Systems
for specific industry groups is enormous

Let’s face the facts. Every business owner wants to know how to get customers and generate sales. How to have more time. Without customers and sales, there is no business…any business.

Yes I want this life

To get more information on becomming a BBI Profit Growth Specialist

Now, after 19 years in this business, I am ready to retire from the distributor recruiting process and seminars I so dearly love. I want to personally find 30 men or women Australia wide, to teach and mentor to help businesses and secure their own financial future. And in the process fund my own retirement out of their success and my intense mentoring over the next 12 months.

Because, as you probably already guessed . . . Even though I have a proven and documented SYSTEM, it still needs implementation. And . . .

#1 Showing 30 people how to become a successful Profit Growth leaves plenty of opportunity for everyone. You see, each person can consult differently with different clients, products and markets. Each one can only physically see a handful of businesses at a time. So I lose nothing by sharing this with these 30 driven and motivated people. Yes, it’s true, for this to work you must be driven AND motivated to follow this path for your success. And to introduce and implement my strategies to businesses in the marketplace.

#2 Secondly, I am grateful for what I have – and I am willing to give others a helping hand. As cliché as it may be, we’re proof that we live in a wonderful country full of opportunity. (I was born in a communist one where this would never have been possible ). What I did is proof that if you have a go, and are prepared to learn, work diligently and persistently for as long as it takes, anyone can reach their dreams – just like I did.

Remember, I (as well as many other of our distributors in the past ) knew what it’s like to be stuck in a depressing job…to be dead broke and embarrassed. I know what it’s like to see others doing so much better and wonder, why them and not me?

The other reason why I am willing to share what I am doing with others is that I realised that my best talents are in finding new businesses and developing the systems, the ads and the products to sell to these different ‘hot’ niche markets and businesses, and teaching others how to implement my systems into the businesses that so desperately need them. And ultimately . . .

How to develop and create opportunities (Through franchising and licensing)
from the successful businesses they work with

There are many people who may have the desire, products and ideas, but do not know how to get them into the marketplace quickly and profitably. They are a good cook, accountant, hairdresser or engineer . . . or have a fantastic product to sell. But have no clue as to how to get good customers and do it consistently and FAST.

I do. And this is what I plan to do in my “retirement.” Stay on the Gold Coast with my family. My youngest boy is just 7 years old. And continue raising my children that give me the greatest pleasure of all.

I have realised that I can now get greater leverage by helping you (and others like you) become successful using these strategies, rather than trying to do it all myself. And also have lots more input into my children’s lives. I want to teach them how to be confident, believe in themselves and be motivated to be the best at whatever they choose to be, just like I did.

And that's why...

After 19 years I want to train and mentor the last 30 people Australia wide before I retire from active consulting.

By closely mentoring these 30 motivated individuals to use my methods, we will also get greater market penetration and recognition of our programs. This will make it easier for all of us to sell even more products and consulting services. Plus, having developed a large range of very profitable products, I now find that I do not have the time to sell every single one of them to their full potential, at least without sacrificing the lifestyle I worked so hard to achieve.

And I will focus on creating new ways for people to make changes in all areas of their life. Their health, their happiness, their relationships and their long-term independence. (Reaching full potential in these areas has been my personal passion for over 19 years).

And even in my ‘retirement’ . . . my aim is to continue to improve our systems, and strive for excellence in our business. As well as keep on adding products and opportunities that our current customers can use. I just want to get out of the day-to-day side of the business.

By taking on these 30 final ‘protégés’ and using my expert sales training and support team to help you get established in your own Profit Growth Consultancy Business, I should be able to retire with at least $5 million, maintain my lifestyle, be there for my children and . . .

 Allow YOU to make secure YOUR financial future in the process

I hope that after I and the Better Business Institute BBI help you take your first steps toward starting your own “Products Based” Profit Growth Consultancy, you will continue to look to me for other marketing techniques, profitable new products, consulting joint ventures and other opportunities, keeping us both in business for years to come.

But, please don’t misunderstand me.

This is not a guaranteed ticket to instant wealth.

You will have to invest your time and a reasonable amount of capital (some of it up-front and the rest from the money you will make once I show you how) to make this work for you. To be a success in any business requires a degree of commitment and determination. If you are not prepared to do that and expect my marketing ideas to be a ‘money making miracle”, without putting in your part, then please don’t waste your time or your money because my mentoring is not for you.

On the other hand, if you can follow instructions, and have the desire and determination to succeed, you too could make a good income and a great lifestyle from becoming a “Product Based” Profit Growth Business Consultant, working part time from your home or simple office…..

Being your own boss, and leading the sort of life others just dream about.

Just like I have done….the choice is yours.

If the possibility of earning a substantial income, working from home with no staff and low overheads interests you, please go ahead and read my proposal. This could be your passport to financial freedom.

With regards.

Peter Sun
The Better Business Institute

P.S. This is the LAST time I will be training others personally. I only have 30 spots available Australia wide for new Profit Growth Distributors who want to use my 8 Step Profit Growth System for those ready to go to the next level of financial and personal success. Because of the assistance and support I am offering to help you get started, this level of opportunity will be only for the serious people who want to change. If you want to be one of them, please read the enclosed information letter in the blue folder and watch the videos/DVDs with this package. They have the full details of our proposal. Once you’ve read it, please return the application forms immediately to get further information about our program. You will have to make an absolute commitment to me for 12 months to learn and master the systems and the a further 5 years where we will both work together to allow both YOU and ME to have the life of our choosing. If this excites you, then read on, because there is more.

P.P.S. Attached to this letter is a graph of my sales. You may notice that the figures shown date back to when I first started in this business. This is to illustrate that I have been able to do this for a sustained period of time, and that this industry, far from being a short term fad, has become a strong and vital part of business today. We have many more current success stories and get more every day on YouTube. Your contact at the BBI can give you full details of these and others.

These figures are for your information only. Further information regarding this business, and recent sales figures are available on receipt of your signed Expression Of Interest and Non- Disclosure agreement. Do it now. Read the next part and I will see you there.

*Your Results will vary based on your experience, confidence, market condition and application of these systems. Our distributors and clients results vary from ZERO to Millions of dollars in extra income and revenues in their FIRST year of operation. Some have gone on to make tens of MILLIONS of dollars in subsequent businesses. Others have faded into obscurity. I want you to only apply if you are absolutely determined to be a success and won’t quit until you are!!


Yes I want this life

To get more information on becomming a BBI Profit Growth Specialist


Here’s The Proof!
Case studies from people who have used my systems 

From: Accupuncturist 
To: Making $170,000.00 in consulting in ONE year.
Husband and wife team reveal how they turned their life around with the BBI Systems and now work less and enjoy family and each other more!!

$30 Million in 13 Years!!
Tom Hua – Founder Of World Internet Summit reveals how he got started with a Peter Sun product 13 years ago and now has huge success.
See: www.worldinternetsummit.com.au


More Proof Here!

Ordinary People Get Extraordinary Results with Peter Sun’s BBI Systems!!

From: Broke and Dirty Car Mechanic struggling to make $11 per hour to . . .

To: Making $30,000 per MONTH Helping Businesses Grow Their Profits

Lance Spalding Reveals how he went from a struggling “grease monkey” and dirty, unrewarding work to becoming a successful Profit Growth Specialist making up to $30,000 per month.* And how he works with his clients to maximise their results and take a share of this increase making it a win-win for everyone!!
See: www.extremecoach.co.nz


True Story Proves   BBI Success

From: Struggling Business Owner
  To: $150,000 in SIX Months.
The Gary Larcan Case Study reveals how he has taken the BBI Profit Growth Principles and helped businesses achieve their goals. While making over $150,000 in six month himself as a BBI Profit Growth Specialist!! Gary had several businesses prior to joining the BBI Distributor Program. He worked hard for little result. Since becoming a BBI Profit Growth Specialist he has made more money in six months than in any other previous business he owned!!

Gary helping two of his clients from Office Anticz.
Gary using some of the BBI 8 Step Profit Growth Strategies to get new customers and increase profits of a Small Town Business Centre. First by using the plan developed by Peter sun and then by helping the clients implement each strategy for maximum results!!


Businesses Get Massive Results
Watch Their Stories!!

230 New Clients in first Month of Business with 80% return rate. 
Melissa Bates owner of Osteological Healthcare Practice in Melbourne got more clients in her first month than most practices get in 5 years!! And after 5 months her new business is booming!!

See How an Out of Work Painter get $26,000 Worth of Work in 4 Days With One Idea and Just $360 Outlay

Eddie Bennett shares how the recession killed his traditional builders work. And after coming to BBI and Peter Sun he is now booked 3 months in advance with just ONE strategy costing less than $360 to implement. Now he is planning to expand and employ more staff…What recession!!


Watch This!!!

A Day In The Life of BBI Founder…Peter Sun!!

BBI Office And Warehouse Tour: See the inside of Peter’s Office and warehouse and some of the books, mentors and courses Peter took to get to where he is today in the areas of health, personal development and finances

Peter’s Home and Home Office: This is where I have some of my business meetings, fun and family time. The best thing about the BBI business is the time it gives you to spend with your family, friends and the people that matter the most!! There is no price you can put on the love you get from having the freedom and time!


Proof That BBI Profit Growth Systems Work

Thai Foot Spa and Massage Business Rockets From $23,000 To $69,000 in sales within 5 Months During The Recession!!

After 3 years of struggling to get customers, Brisbane Thai Foot Spa Massage is ready to franchise after just 5 months of working with Peter Sun!! Using the BBI 8 Step Profit Growth System, Peter enabled the business to exceed its goals…and franchise its operation by creating video based training for the owners and their staff. PLUS several low or NO cost strategies to get new customers and increase repeat sales.
See: www.thaifootspa.com.au  

From: Struggle To: Success
Charismatic Frenchman beats business blues and makes $78,000 in 7 months!

Eric Billoud shares how he went from a mixed business experience. To learning the skills that made him money in a consulting business with the BBI 8 Step Profit Growth systems!! Allowing him to learn from a highly rewarding experience of working with various business clients.


More true BBI Success Stories

From: Heavily in Debt
To: $1 million within 3 years 
Hamish Conway has turned his life around after a business failure that left him with a mountain of debt. Almost 3 years ago he become a BBI Distributor and was trained in the BBI Profit Growth Systems. He made approximately $100,000 in his FIRST three months and over a million dollars since starting. 
See: www.conway-petrie.co.nz


Part-time Success: 
Three clients stories from a successful BBI distributor
Ian Simonsen already owned 2 businesses. He used the BBI strategies to take his own engineering business to over $400,000 per year . And then got three clients on board with great results achieved. Look at some of the strategies he used to grow his own and his client’s businesses. And this is only working very, very part-time due to his own business commitments.


Amazing Transformation

Ex-Boxer gets incredible results for this business!!!
Boss Cecil takes struggling business from $4,000 to $11,000 per week in just four months and 3 strategies.
Using the BBI 8 Step Profit Growth System Boss Cecil got an almost miraculous turnaround for a struggling restaurant owner. The strategies he used were simple, easy to implement and very effective. Look for the ONE idea that increased the turnover by over 270% in less than 15 weeks!!

Restaurant Owner shares his experience with Boss Cecil and BBI system: Naresh Singecharoenchai – owner of Nickie’s Thai Cuisine shares how his restaurant thrived in the recession with the help of the BBI 8 step Profit Growth System.
               See: www.nickies.co.nz


How to turn YOUR business into a  
million dollar money making “SYSTEM”

See how Peter Sun explains how to make $1 million by creating a money making system from any business!!!

At a recent live seminar Peter Sun explains how you can even make $1 million from a lawn mowing run with his system. 
“ This a proven formula that any business owner should follow if they truly want to be financially free” Dmitri Stern

$15,000 to $20,000 a month BBI Profit Growth Distributor . . . Debbie Taylor . . . standing next to her brand new dream car she just bought.